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7 Tips On How To Make Your Wedding Reception Video Awesome

7 Tips On How To Make Your Wedding Reception Video Awesome

Wedding reception videos is one of the most important parts of the wedding. As a videographer or even a family member, it is your responsibility to capture all the swoon-worth moments that the couple, family, and friends can relive anytime. Wedding reception videos should have the perfect mix and balance of entertainment, emotions, and “awww” moments to keep the viewers engaged like in movies. 

If you are a videographer and need to create an amazing wedding reception video,, this post is for you. In this post, we have compiled a list of ways that can help you capture the best wedding video in Brisbane.

1. Audios Is a Priority

You won’t get any second chance at a wedding. If you fail to record events as they take place, you fail to perform your duty as a wedding videographer or photographer on Sunshine Coast. It’s ideal for recording audio from several sources. Does the audio on your camera sound good? If not, be prepared with external recorders. Avoid placing the microphone on the bride; instead, place a lavalier microphone on the officiant or the groom.

You might be able to plug into the DJ’s soundboard if they handle the sound. Make sure that you communicate with the DJ well in advance. Remember that every DJ is unique, so there is no assurance that you will receive high-quality audio. You should only use them as a backup audio source.


2. Speak to the couple

You should have a sit-down discussion with the engaged couple before the wedding date. Find out what they are looking for in their video. Are there specific moments they want you to capture? Do you need to be aware of any surprises or rehearsed dances? Being prepared to record these situations will set your work apart. Moreover, this will also ensure that you can prepare your own schedule, so your work goes smoothly.


3. Understand The Locations Rules & Regulations

Contact the ceremony and reception locations to see if they have any restrictions or regulations. Several churches do not permit videographers in particular locations, so be aware of whether you will need to carry a zoom lens. Some large reception venues demand insurance confirmation before you take pictures there. You must make sure everything is ready before you arrive.


4. Shoot Traditional Wedding Shots.

On the wedding day, you could feel the need to try something new, but always remember to take the traditional wedding shots as well. You can discover your personal style by experimenting, but remember that couples want to see their vows, first dance, and cake cutting. Before you get all those cool transition photos, make sure the essentials are taken care of.


5. Carry Additional Lights

For wedding videographers, evening parties can be a nightmare. It will likely be dark, whether inside or outside. Venues turn down the lights once supper is finished so the party can start. You and the DJ should have discussed the DJ’s lighting arrangement, but you will still need your lights to grab some shots.

Remember that guests don’t want to be blinded by video lights all night if your camera struggles in low light. Make sure to utilise lights sparingly when using them. Keep them off throughout the reception so as not to ruin the mood.


6. Maintain Camera Stability.

It’s important to stabilise. Using a handheld device won’t do the trick. Make sure you can easily switch between your support equipment whether you utilise a shoulder rig, glide cam, monopod, tripod, or any other type of support. You can quickly switch while you’re out and about by using the same quick-release plate on all of your gear.

If you are looking for an experienced Sunshine Coast wedding photographer or videographer, contact Your Day Videography today. We have the expertise and experience that you need for your perfect wedding album and reception video. For further information about our services, you can call us at 07 3085 7483 or leave us a message at hello@yourdayvideography.com.au.