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Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life. We promise to help capture those moments and immortalise them in film. We work along side you every step and ensure that we help support you on YOUR DAY.

Video Coverage

All our couples will go through a comprehensive consultation period to discuss their wedding in detail. We want to make sure that all the special moments are accounted for on the day and make it into the production. Our videographers are given a shot list to ensure that no special moments are missed

Professional Service

All of the Your Day Videographers will wear appropriate attire to your wedding to ensure that we blend in. This will generally be black trousers and a black subtly branded polo shirt. Needless to say trousers and shirts are ironed, tucked in, etc. We want to blend in with your guests so that the spotlight is entirely on the happy couple

Quality Footage

It is our mission to deliver a great quality product to our customers. We deliver this by ensuring that all our videos are recorded in 4K ultra high definition – crisp and sharp images are critical to our product. This is something we will not compromise on. Secondly we also ensure that the sound quality is great – we utilise industry leading technology to ensure that every word is captured in clear and transparent audio.

Recording Equipment

Your Day Videography stay up to date with the latest technology. We have access to production specification gear. Rest assured that your wedding will be recorded on industry standard equipment.


A relatively new concept for Your Day Videography is Live Streaming. We are equipped to offer your guests a production live streaming experience.

COVID has caused travel restrictions for couples around Australia. Live Streaming is a great idea for couples who still want to get married and include their family and friends on the wedding day.

Utilising multiple camera technicians, high speed internet and creative flare – we are able to turn your “I DO” into a live stream link for your friends and family to watch from anywhere in the world.

It’s all about you…

This is your wedding day and we are here to support you. It is our job to make the wedding journey as stressless and painless and possible. Our videography team are friendly, personable and will get the job done. We blend into the background and capture those candid moments. If you need something special – we will try to accommodate all reasonable requests

Sounds interesting?

Check more details about our services

Some people spend years daydreaming about their picture-perfect wedding day. When it finally happens, you’ll want to capture these moments in photographs and videos.

At Your Day Videography, we use our skill and expertise to capture your most stunning Brisbane wedding memories.

About Us

Your Day Videography is a Brisbane wedding videographer and photographer hub. We specialise in capturing your greatest moments on film, with high-quality recording equipment and an eye for detail. If you’ve been tirelessly Googling “wedding videographer near me,” to no avail, you’ve come to the right place!

Why You Need Us As A Professional Wedding Videographer & Photographer

Planning a wedding is expensive. From table arrangements to catering, Brisbane suppliers don’t come cheap. In an attempt to stay within your budget, you might cut costs by hiring a cheap wedding videographer or not hiring one at all.

If you’re thinking about skipping over us as your Brisbane wedding videographer, here is why you shouldn’t!

You Get To Focus On Your Big Day

No matter how good an amateur or professional videographer and photographer claims to be, always take it with a grain of salt. If your Instagram-worthy photographer has never covered an event before, they won’t be prepared for the challenges of wedding videography. You might end up working on your own wedding day instead of enjoying it.

With our professional services, you can focus on what matters: Your big day. No more micro-managing or worrying about the perfect shot. We capture every moment and take the lead for you.

We know how important it is for the happy couple to be at the centre of attention. This is why we always dress our team in the appropriate attire and do our best to blend in with the crowd.

In black slacks and a plain button-down polo, you won’t even know we’re there! The spotlight will be entirely on you and your loved ones.

We Notice All The Little Things

As professionals, we are trained to pay attention to detail. Not only are we present for every moment, but we also ensure that each shot is perfectly composed.

By the time you step out for family photos, we’ll know the best way to frame every picture while creating a stunning backdrop

We make sure not to miss any opportunities – whether it’s flowers in your hair or a butterfly softly landing on your coat. We immortalise every smile, every tear, and every laugh.

Studying the venue also gives us the opportunity to come up with a contingency plan in case of unforeseen circumstances. A sudden downpour shouldn’t have to compromise the quality of our photos and videos. By getting to know the venue layout, we can create a fall-back, such as taking group shots indoors.

You’ll Have A Stunning Album To Look Back On

Many newlyweds dream about reliving their wedding day. Unfortunately, you only live it once. The best way to look back on fond memories is through the photographs and videos you take home.

From walking down the aisle to cutting into your cake, we get everything on film. Your Brisbane professional won’t miss a beat.

Plus, you’ll get to look back on your memories in a beautifully printed album or hard drive. You can reminisce with friends and family in whatever medium you choose. Imagine the moment you and your grandchild get to flip through your wedding book – we make sure you can do that.

We Have Top-Quality Skills

Our trained experts know how to capture emotion by utilising your surroundings and playing with angles. Knowledgeable in framing, angles, lighting, and atmosphere, we can convey passion like no other photographer and videographer in Brisbane.

We have years of professional experience and have worked with all sorts of personalities. Thanks to our previous experience, we know quirky and casual just as well as we do editorial and fashionable.

Whether you like to keep it simple or enjoy something a little grander, we can promise you one thing – you and your loved ones will look stunning! No matter what the peg is, we adjust our methods to ensure perfect lighting, frames, and angles. Tell us exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

A Look Into Our Brisbane Wedding Services

Is your Big Day just a few months ahead? Read on to find out how we can support you when the church bells start ringing!

Wedding Photography & Videography

We ensure that you get the best Brisbane wedding videographer and photographer to document life-changing moments. Whether you prefer your wedding video in the form of a music video or as a classic black-and-white film, we can achieve it for you.

We make sure you get everything you’re looking for by getting to know you and your partner before the Big Day. We discuss your plans in-depth and craft a shot list according to your preferences. If you have a favourite movie clip or photo set that you want to mimic, don’t hesitate to send it our way. We love to bounce off ideas with our clients.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

You might be wondering, “How does a cheap wedding videographer capture moments in high quality?” To us, affordable services don’t mean poor outcomes. Our mission is to provide high-definition photos and videos with the latest recording technology.

We shoot in HD/4K and utilise the appropriate equipment to achieve the look you want. We prioritise crisp photos with sophisticated DSLR cameras and high-technology lenses.Our industry-standard technology and equipment ensures exceptional sound quality, perfect for watching and reminiscing later on in life.

Reception Livestreams

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we now provide high-quality live-streams – allowing your guests to attend your wedding safely while adhering to pandemic protocols. Due to travel restrictions across Australia, live-streaming is an excellent solution for couples who don’t want to give up the date of their big day.

Whether a local or destination wedding, having to come up with a brand-new plan can get costly. Re-booking flights and accommodation can cost thousands of dollars. Instead of having to postpone or cancel the ceremony, guests can attend an online event.

For these events, we hire more than one Brisbane wedding videographer and employ a multiple-camera set-up. As long as they have high-speed internet, your guests will feel like they’re right there with you.


We deliver a professional service that supports the bride and groom on their special day and throughout the wedding journey. See what our happy couples are saying about the Your Day Videography experience

A huge thank you to Rowan and the Your Day Videography team for our brilliant wedding day film. They were very professional, creative and super organised – which of course a bride loves! They captured all special moments of our wedding and we are forever grateful for the memories you have created for us. We have a video that captures our day and our story perfectly!



We had Your Day Videography capture our wedding day, and it was an amazing experience. We highly recommend capturing your wedding day on video. The video speaks for itself. It really was a fantastic experience.

Happily Married

Jack and Ellee

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Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you should settle for less on your wedding photography and videography. Are you looking for a cheap wedding videographer that doesn’t compromise on quality? Your Day Videography should be your #1 choice in Brisbane!

We tailor-fit our services to your preferences and work with Brisbane-based couples on a budget. Contact us today, and you’ll never have to waste time Googling “Brisbane wedding videographer near me” again!