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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810


Unforgettable Memories Starts With Your Day Videography

About Us

Our Services


Our services

Video Coverage

All our couples will go through a comprehensive consultation period to discuss their wedding in detail. We want to make sure that all the special moments are accounted for on the day and make it into the production. Our videographers are given a shot list to ensure that no special moments are missed

Professional Service

All of the Your Day Videographers will wear appropriate attire to your wedding to ensure that we blend in. This will generally be black trousers and a black subtly branded polo shirt. Needless to say trousers and shirts are ironed, tucked in, etc. We want to blend in with your guests so that the spotlight is entirely on the happy couple.

Quality Footage

It is our mission to deliver a great quality product to our customers. We deliver this by ensuring that all our videos are recorded in 4K ultra high definition – crisp and sharp images are critical to our product. This is something we will not compromise on. Secondly we also ensure that the sound quality is great – we utilise industry leading technology to ensure that every word is captured in clear and transparent audio.

Recording Equipment

Your Day Videography stay up to date with the latest technology. We have access to production specification gear. Rest assured that your wedding will be recorded on industry standard equipment.

It’s all about you…

This is your wedding day and we are here to support you. It is our job to make the wedding journey as stressless and painless and possible. Our videography team are friendly, personable and will get the job done. We blend into the background and capture those candid moments. If you need something special – we will try to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Wedding Videography

Lights. Camera. Action. On the day it’s all about creativity, colour, lighting and of course the amazing bride and groom, we take your wedding setting, romance and your once upon a time… and transform it into a video that you’ll love for years to come

Each bride and groom will have a thorough consultation meeting to discuss the scope of your wedding. Why? We want to make sure we are well equipped to capture the amazing moments that make your wedding truly unique. Fireworks? A special song from a friend? or a cameo appearance from a furry friend… we want to know it all so we can have the appropriate gear on site to capture it all in beautiful 4K footage. We ask all of the questions so there are no surprises on the day.

Wedding Photography

You only live your wedding day once, so you need to choose your photographer carefully. By capturing high-quality photographs, you’ll get to relive these unforgettable moments. With our services, you can remember every minute of your big day with picture-perfect clarity.

If you need a Brisbane wedding photographer for candid and glamorous shots, you can count on us. Our photographers are trained to capture every detail – from your walk down the aisle to the “I do’s” to your first kiss as a newlywed couple.

Nothing is more meaningful than seeing your bride made-up in their stunning gown or your groom looking dapper in a suit.

If you want to commemorate your special wedding outfit, we also offer portrait services.

Premium Brisbane
Wedding Videographers

Nowadays, investing Brisbane wedding videography is becoming more of a must than a maybe! After all, it’s the best way to take your wedding memories home with you! From the initial walk down the aisle to dancing the night away at the reception, many couples feel that their Big Day goes by too quickly. While wedding photography isn’t going away anytime soon, nothing captures detail and emotion like film. If you want to relive your vows all over again, make everlasting memories with Your Day Videography.

Wedding Videography

We know that there’s a lot of pressure to document once-in-a-lifetime moments the right way. So, we make it our noble duty to tell your love story in whatever way you see fit. Whether you’re keen on a full-length video or prefer to reminisce over snippets, we make it happen. Here are a few of the videography formats we specialise in.

Big Day

Some couples enjoy reliving their Big Day in its entirety. Our feature-length videos cover your entire day, from the ceremony to the end of the reception. While a retelling of every second will still translate beautifully on film, we aim to create a final product that you love watching over and over again. Thus, we trim our feature-length films down to 20 and 30 minutes long, bringing emphasis to your best moments.


As its title suggests, our highlight reels underscore the best moments of your day. These short films run between 5 and 7 minutes long. Depending on your preferences, your highlight reel can either take a narrative or creative direction. We incorporate royalty-free music and various uploading formats on our highlight reels, ideal for sharing on your social media channels.


For journalistic films, our videographers capture the events of the day as they happen. We add sound bites from well-wishers and vows as part of a retelling of your day. We edit our documentary-style videos in a chronological manner, covering everything from preparations to the last moments of your reception.



Similar to a highlight reel, we focus on dramatic movement and raw
emotions to create a stunning cinematic wedding video. Some Brisbane venues add
to the grandeur of the video – we take it a step further by adding our own flair. We create a film-like feel
by utilising montages, drone equipment, special effects, and colour-grading enhancements.
wedding cinematography near me

Drone Videos

Drone videography for weddings is a trend in Brisbane we can no longer ignore. With a drone, we add a new perspective to your nuptials.

If you’re hosting your ceremony outdoors, our drone videographers can make your special day look even more spectacular with panoramic views and a breathtaking look from above. 

Sweeping, cinematic drone shots are ideal for highlight reels and artistic styles.

Because drone videography for weddings is a relatively new concept, Brisbane venues are taking special care to ensure safe use. We always obtain the appropriate licenses and permits to operate. 

Our drone operators are also trained to safely handle this state-of-the-art technology.

However, not everything will go according to plan, especially because Brisbane weather is notoriously unpredictable.

 If the weather is looking bleak, we take every precaution to ensure we don’t increase your liability. 

If we can’t deploy a drone, we make it a point to be transparent with our clients.


How We Shoot A Stunning Wedding Video

Producing a wedding video to remember is a collaboration between producer and client. Without your brilliant ideas,
there would be no wedding film! Take a closer look at our process to discover how we bring your vision to life.

We Brainstorm
Ideas With You

Our clients play an essential role in the development process. When it comes to producing wedding videos in Brisbane, your goals drive our stylistic decisions.
4-6 weeks before the Big Day, we schedule several brainstorming sessions with our clients. During each session, we jot down your ideas and collect your favourite pegs. Though we love an ambitious project, we always take a realistic approach and level your expectations.
If an idea doesn’t mesh well with what your venue allows, we look into other alternatives. We also prioritise capturing moments you want on film – that means letting us in on secret flash mobs or a surprise number! By keeping us in the loop, we can get everyone’s reactions on film, especially when they don’t see it coming.

We Prepare
The Appropriate Equipment

Our essential equipment includes:

  • HD/4K video camera
  • Recording equipment
  • Lighting
  • A tripod
  • Spare batteries and a memory card
  • Additional lenses
Depending on your production goals, we may come with additional
equipment. These might include a stabiliser for gorgeous tracking shots or lighting kit for poorly-lit venues.
If you’re looking into aerial shots, we also bring along a drone and licensed operator.

We Explore The Venue

Before the Big Day, we have to get to know your Brisbane venue just as well as we know you. We conduct a thorough walk-through of the venue, marking areas that may require additional lighting or special equipment.If you’re bustling with bright ideas, we want to make sure they’re achievable.

We Coordinate With Those Involved

We know the struggle of having to keep up with multiple vendors and point persons. Thus, we take the time to coordinate with Brisbane venue managers that may require additional licenses or proof of insurance. If shooting with a drone, most venues request safety permits.

We Edit Accordingly

We use the best editing software on the market to ensure our Brisbane wedding videography translates remarkably on screen. We won’t always get it right the first time – but hardly anyone does. Thus, we allow a limited number of revisions to achieve your vision.

Why Our Services Are Unique

A cheap wedding videographer doesn’t mean your film quality has
to suffer. We make sure you get what you need at a more affordable price tag. Here are a few
reasons why our cost-effective services stand out.
wedding videos in Brisbane

We Are
Endlessly Innovative

Wedding videos in Brisbane are continually evolving. As creators, we’re always brainstorming more creative approaches to big ideas. We love a good challenge and are always eager to explore new.

We stay up-to-date with new technology such as the latest drone or editing software. 

We also seek new and creative ways to regularly enhance our skill sets to stay on top of our industry. 

By staying up-to-date with industry trends and techniques, we can always ensure high-quality output. We work with industry experts to make sure we’re constantly growing and developing new techniques.

We Know Our Equipment

Not only do we have an inventory of impressive equipment, but we also know how to use them best. 

We put together our filming kits according to what clients want on video.

From wide-angle lenses to capture architectural shots and drones to create aerial clips, we have it!

If incorporating drone videography for your wedding, we work with licensed operators in Brisbane with ample experience.

We Are
Excellent Communicators

We’re always up to the task, no matter the challenge. 

To ensure that we produce a video you love, we always make it a point to communicate consistently.

We understand that we’re not just collaborating with the newlywed couple on their Big Day.

 We also take guests and vendors into account. We do our best to make every guest feel at ease when filming – not everyone is used to being on camera! We also stay in the loop with vendors, so we can film without disruptin

We Make The Best Out Of Unexpected Circumstances

No matter how carefully we plan an event, it’s impossible to predict every circumstance. 

Thus, we’re always well-prepared and know how to think on our feet.

Rain or shine, we always come equipped with back-up equipment and make do with what is available to us.

Wedding Videography Brisbane

Our Packages

Your Day Videography is pleased to bring you the following packages. Our mission is to provide a great product and service that is affordable to couples. We have put the packages together with YOU in mind where we can capture your wedding, but not break the bank
  • Base
  • $2,300 $1,725 A great option for couples on a budget
    • 1 Videographer
    • 6 Hours of Coverage
    • HD Video Recording
    • 1 Social Media Teaser (30 Sec Teaser)
    • Highlights Film (3 Min)
    • Colour Graded
    • -
    • -
    • -
    • -
    • -
  • Standard
  • $3,000 $2,250 Best all round package A popular favourite
    • 1 Videographer
    • 8 Hours of Coverage
    • HD Video Recording
    • 1 Social Media Teaser (1 Min Teaser)
    • Highlights Film (5 Min)
    • Aerial Drone Footage
    • Speeches Film
    • Colour Graded
    • -
    • -
    • -
  • Ultimate
  • $3,500 $2,625 For the ultimate cinematic wedding experience
    • 1 Videographer
    • 10 hours of Coverage
    • HD Video Recording
    • 1 Social Media Teaser (1.5 Min Teaser)
    • Highlights Film (7 Min)
    • Aerial Drone Footage
    • Speeches Film
    • Ceremony Film
    • Colour Graded
    • -
    • -
  • Grand Ultimate
  • $4,200 $3,150 When nothing but the best will do for your Big Day
    • 1 Videographer
    • 12 hours of Coverage
    • HD Video Recording
    • 3 Social Media Teasers (1 Min each Teaser)
    • Highlights Film (7 Min)
    • Aerial Drone Footage
    • Speeches Film
    • Ceremony Film
    • Short Film
    • Colour Graded
    • -

Pricing Is for Brisbane, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas.

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Happy Couples

Our Testimonials

Jack and Ellee

We had Your Day Videography capture our wedding day, and it was an amazing experience. We highly recommend capturing your wedding day on video. The video speaks for itself. It really was a fantastic experience.

Jack and Ellee Happily Married


A huge thank you to Rowan and the Your Day Videography team for our brilliant wedding day film. They were very professional, creative and super organised – which of course a bride loves! They captured all special moments of our wedding and we are forever grateful for the memories you have created for us. We have a video that captures our day and our story perfectly!

Abbey Happy BRIDE

Book Your Affordable Packages Today

When it comes to wedding photography in Brisbane, prices are always skyrocketing. Because of this,
it’s hard for couples to come by a Brisbane wedding videographer that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
We believe that every couple should be able to commemorate their Big Day how they want to.
That’s why we make it our mission to provide the same level of quality services for couples on a
budget. When you work with our team at Your Day Videography, your Brisbane wedding
receives the spotlight it deserves at an affordable price.Contact us today and find out how
we can bring your fairytale wedding dreams to life.