Our Services


Wedding Videography

Lights. Camera. Action. On the day it’s all about creativity, colour, lighting and of course the amazing bride and groom, we take your wedding setting, romance and your once upon a time… and transform it into a video that you’ll love for years to come


Each bride and groom will have a thorough consultation meeting to discuss the scope of your wedding. Why? We want to make sure we are well equipped to capture the amazing moments that make your wedding truly unique. Fireworks? A special song from a friend? or a cameo appearance from a furry friend… we want to know it all so we can have the appropriate gear on site to capture it all in beautiful 4K footage. We ask all of the questions so there are no surprises on the day.

Live Streaming

Whether it be a simple zoom setup on a mobile phone to a full television styled live broadcast Your Day Videography has you covered


COVID has not only reshaped the wedding industry but also the world, with many guests unable to travel. Live streaming is an amazing way to get your guests involved in your wedding from remote locations. Our multiple camera broadcast production will give your guests a full wedding experience from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

We utilise professional equipment and a portable high speed internet connection to ensure that the wedding can be broadcast to guests around the globe.