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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810


Unforgettable Memories Starts With Your Day Videography

About Us

Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer

Looking for wedding photography and cinematography in Brisbane? Our cinematography services in Brisbane will ensure that to capture your everlasting memories so that you can cherish them for life. Your Day Videography is pleased to bring you the following packages. Our mission is to provide a great product and service that is affordable to couples. We have put the packages together with YOU in mind where we can capture your wedding, but not break the bank

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Unforgettable Memories Starts With Your Day Videography

Our Packages

Your Day Videography is pleased to bring you the following packages. Our mission is to provide a great product and service that is affordable to couples. We have put the packages together with YOU in mind where we can capture your wedding, but not break the bank
  • Base
  • $2,300 $1,725 A great option for couples on a budget
    • 30 Min Consultation
    • 1 Photographer
    • 6 Hours of Coverage
    • Edited, Retouched Photos
    • -
    • -
    • -
    • -
  • Standard
  • $3,000 $2,250 Best all round package A popular favourite
    • 1 Hour Consultation
    • 1 Photographer
    • 8 Hours of Coverage
    • Sneak Peek Photos
    • Edited, Retouched Photos
    • -
    • -
    • -
  • Ultimate
  • $3,500 $2,625 For the ultimate cinematic wedding experience
    • 1 Hour Consultation
    • 1 Photographer
    • 10 Hours of Coverage
    • Sneak Peek Photos
    • Edited Retouched Photos
    • 1 Canvas
    • -
    • -
  • Grand Ultimate
  • $4,200 $3,150 For the ultimate wedding photography experience
    • 1 Hour Consultation
    • 2 Photographers
    • 12 Hours of Coverage
    • Sneak Peek Photos
    • Edited Retouched Photos
    • 3 Canvases
    • 1 Hardcover Photobook
    • -

Pricing Is for Brisbane, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas.



If the packages aren’t a perfect fit for your wedding – speak to us about tailoring a package to suit your day. Perhaps you’d like a documentary styled film or something shorter or longer. We are here to support your creative aspirations and how you’d like to capture those special moments

50% deposit required to secure your booking.
Balance payable 14 days before the wedding.

Your New Favourite Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Every couple has their own unique wedding aesthetic. Whether you love a classic, sentimental wedding or something a little more vibrant or unorthodox, your Brisbane wedding photographer should be able to capture your personality perfectly.

Our experts have experience with all types of styles – let us in on your preferences, and we’ll take care of the rest.

wedding videos in Brisbane

Wedding Photography Services

Unlike other wedding photographers in Brisbane, we don’t adhere to a particular aesthetic. Instead, we love having the creative freedom and flexibility to work with a variety of styles. Here are the different types of photography we can incorporate into your big day.

Engagement Photography

Nowadays, an engagement photographer plays a significant role in the planning process. After all, your love story begins before your big day. Thus, many couples opt for an engagement shoot.

If you’re camera-shy, an engagement shoot is an excellent opportunity to prepare for your big day. During your session, you’ll learn how to relax and feel comfortable in front of a camera and you’ll also learn many poses you would have never thought of. Overall, an engagement shoot is a great way to prepare for your Big Day.

Wedding Photography

You only live your wedding day once, so you need to choose your photographer carefully. By capturing high-quality photographs, you’ll get to relive these unforgettable moments. With our services, you can remember every minute of your big day with picture-perfect clarity.

If you need a Brisbane wedding photographer for candid and glamorous shots, you can count on us. Our photographers are trained to capture every detail – from your walk down the aisle to the “I do’s” to your first kiss as a newlywed couple.

Documentary Style

We love a photo set that tells a story. Like a photojournalist, our Brisbane wedding photographers have an eye for detail and raw emotion. By immortalising every smile and every tear, each of our photos speaks volumes.

We don’t have to know your love story from the very beginning to communicate the intensity of your love through our images.

We pay close attention to how you and your partner interact with your loved ones, recording every candid moment.


Nothing is more meaningful than seeing your bride made-up in their stunning gown or your groom looking dapper in a suit.

If you want to commemorate your special wedding outfit, we also offer portrait services.

From bride and groom to family and friends, we capture every important person who played a part in your big day. We can shoot portraits in both formal and casual settings.


Do you love specific themes such as nature? Do you love how the golden hour translates in photographs? If so, we can do a photoshoot under natural settings. 

We highlight outdoor receptions and ceremonies by using bright lenses with a wide aperture.

No matter your setting, we can produce vivid photographs with stunning warmth. We also do our best to incorporate nature into every photo – from utilising natural light to complementing your pictures with natural fixtures.


If you love grand and bold gestures, we offer editorial photography that makes you and your crew look part of a high-fashion magazine. Our editorial photos exude luxury and elegance.

Black & White

Couples love black and white photography because it stands the test of time. You can’t go wrong with this classic composition.

We believe black and white images are all about expressing emotion. They can either intensify or soften a moment, drawing focus on each subject.

If you’ve been looking up “wedding cinematography near me”, you’ve likely found dozens of options. You might be wondering why you should choose our services – here are a few reasons we make for an outstanding business.

We Are Versatile & Adaptable

We understand that not everything will go according to plan. Sometimes, natural light won’t cooperate or it’ll begin to rain unexpectedly. Whatever the case, we’re prepared – every photographer we hire is patient and flexible.

A little bit of rain, a crying child, or even a power outage isn’t going to stop us from achieving the ideal shot. We always come equipped with back-up tools in case of accidents. No matter where or when in Brisbane your wedding will take place, we are prepared to make the necessary adjustments – rain or shine.

Your Day Videography Brisbane

We Know How To Inject Your Personality Into Our Photos

As professionals, we put value in you as a client. Whatever photography style you desire, we do our best to achieve. We also care for and protect your vision – thus, we study your preferences and communicate effectively.

If you have a favourite photo set or can share with us a photographer you admire, we do our best to recreate these pegs.

Base Package of Videography

We Are Passionate About What We Do

Wedding photographers have a passion and flair for their art. Our talented artists aren’t only good at what they do – they also love doing it, and it’ll clearly translate in their photos.

You can rest assured every photographer of ours that you work with has dedicated the time and resources to hone their craft. Every one of our photographers walks into your event with a purpose and does their best to capture unforgettable moments in perfect light.

Youe Day Videography Brisbane

We Provide A Great Return On Your Investment

Have you been endlessly searching for “wedding cinematography near me?” If so, our services might be the one for you!

We always do our best to offer excellent value – that means not missing out on any moment you want on film. Your wedding day only happens once, and we are committed to snapping moments in their purest form.

With us, you always get what you pay for – that includes full coverage and high-definition photographs. We want to produce images that incite nostalgia and leave you reminiscing for hours. With Your Day Videography, every investment you make will be worth it. 

We’re Highly Experienced

Your Day Videography is a reliable source for beautiful wedding photography in Brisbane with an expansive roster of clients. We have collaborated on projects with all sorts of couples and are always willing to explore innovative methods of storytelling.

Every photographer we employ is highly adaptable and willing to put in the work. They are tech-savvy individuals equipped with the appropriate tools and software.

Tamara and Ryan's Wedding

Jack and Ellee

We had Your Day Videography capture our wedding day, and it was an amazing experience. We highly recommend capturing your wedding day on video. The video speaks for itself. It really was a fantastic experience.

Jack and Ellee Happily Married


A huge thank you to Rowan and the Your Day Videography team for our brilliant wedding day film. They were very professional, creative and super organised – which of course a bride loves! They captured all special moments of our wedding and we are forever grateful for the memories you have created for us. We have a video that captures our day and our story perfectly!

Abbey Happy BRIDE

We Also Provide Other Services

Nowadays, when it comes to major events, photography and videography go hand-in-hand. With Your Day Videography, your search for a “wedding videographer near me,” can finally be over. We offer a vast array of photography services that suit every style and preference.

Book Wedding Cinematography Near Me

Contact us today to begin exploring options for your upcoming wedding. We dedicate time to learning about your preferences and matching you with the appropriate Brisbane photographer. We tailor-fit our services to complement your budget without compromising quality and hard work.