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Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810


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  •  Wedding Photography   •  3 Rules For Posting Wedding Pictures After The Big Event In 2022!

3 Rules For Posting Wedding Pictures After The Big Event In 2022!

3 Rules For Posting Wedding Pictures After The Big Event In 2022!

Want to do wedding photography on Sunshine Coast? 2020 triggered a significant transformation in the economy and people’s lives. Every part of the business is affected, from how weddings are organised to how they are presented. Even while the basic guidelines for pitching and putting real weddings in the media haven’t changed, the wedding process has altered considerably. Submissions will be more likely to succeed if they know what outlets are looking for online and in print.

Assuming you have not already done so, the start of the year is an excellent opportunity to assess and reconsider your approach to submitting your wedding photography on the Sunshine Coast for publication to attract the attention of editors.

1.Set Up A Match

Instagram is the most current medium to connect with your favourite media sources. Please find out how a company’s Instagram bio, which has limited space, portrays its brand by visiting its Instagram profile. 

Hire the best Gold Coast wedding photographer. Please make sure the submission aligns with their objective when deciding how to have your wedding picture published. Look through the feed caption to get a sense of the author’s voice and the most common takeaways. You will be closer to landing a feature if you can more closely mimic the experience they’re offering to their audience. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to journalism. Make sure you submit nuptials that fit the publication’s aesthetic. It’s unlikely that a magazine covering metropolitan weddings would include a rural, do-it-yourself nuptial. When many applications come in, blogs and publications are likely to reject something that does not match their aesthetic.

2.Try To Find A Single-Line Hook

Book your date with the Gold Coast wedding photographer. Consider the impact of a strong headline. This is the first step in gaining access to the editor’s thoughts. It is up to editors to uncover something unique in an overflowing market of lovely wedding entries. It would help if you thus began by capturing their interest and originally narrating the incident. 

Once again, consider the publisher’s branding language to see if you can label your event in a way that complements it. To get some ideas, peek at some of the most recent real-wedding feature stories from the publication. You’ll get a better sense of their tone and what kinds of things they find intriguing, which can help you craft a more compelling pitch.

3.Treat As If Your Wedding Submission Would Be Published

The fact that most elements will be digital is no excuse for laziness. Most editorial teams operate at a lower capacity than pre-pandemic, and they must provide precise information to readers. 

Gather as much information as you can from the happy couple about their relationship, the proposal, the preparation of the wedding, and any other noteworthy events. Do not underestimate the significance of a thorough wedding professional or fashion team list and supplying each website & Insta handle for each of the individuals involved. 

Adding or correcting information from your initial point of contact might be difficult to monitor when you get many answers and follow-up emails. The publisher of Brisbane wedding videography would also appreciate “medium” resolution files. This extra back and forth high resolution may be avoided if the files are just 600 pixels wide.


Identify several websites or publications that are a perfect match for your style and the kind of wedding videography in Brisbane costs. Investigate them. Determine when they typically post. Check if they have a content calendar on their website that you can see. You’ll build a name for yourself if you randomly start posting to 100 different sites. They’re all chatting up a storm.