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Dreamy Destination Wedding Ideas


Love knows no boundaries, and when it comes to weddings, why limit yourself to a traditional venue?

Imagine exchanging vows against the backdrop of a pristine beach, a historical castle or a breathtaking mountain peak. Having such enchanting scenes at your wedding is only possible through a destination wedding.

With so many ideas on the table, choosing the perfect destination, themes, and ideas can be challenging. But don’t worry; we are here to make this task easier for you.

Get ready to turn your fairytale into reality and create memories that will last a lifetime through these innovative destination wedding ideas. 

1. Passport-styled wedding invites

You can start the extraordinary adventure right from the moment your guests start receiving invitations. Say goodbye to the traditional wedding invites and say hello to the mesmerising passport-style invitations. These unique invites mimic the passport. However, they are filled with details such as the date, location, and itinerary of your dreamy destination wedding.

But why stop just here?

You can add a touch of the destination by adding stamps and stickers which represent the essence of your chosen location. Therefore, you’ll be gifting your guests a ticket to adventure and excitement with every invitation.

2. Destination-themed save the date

Ignite the excitement and anticipation of your destination wedding with a captivating and destination-themed save-the-date.

Let your guests feel the essence of your chosen location before they even set foot on its shores. For example, if you plan a beachside wedding in Whitsundays, consider enclosing a miniature bottle filled with sand and a scroll, inviting your loved ones to “save the date” and join you for a sun-kissed celebration in the pristine white sands.

You can also add a touch of wanderlust, incorporate elements like seashells, hand-drawn maps of the Whitsundays, or vintage-style postcards showcasing the beauty of the region.

3. Prepare a driveaway

If your wedding destination is just a drive away, why not turn the journey into an exhilarating and unforgettable road trip for your guests?

Prepare a specially curated road trip itinerary that goes beyond just directions. You can do this by including suggested stops, scenic routes, and local attractions along the way. All your guests will remember your wedding along with the panoramic views, spark joy and laughter for a lifetime.

4. Add a photo booth

Add a dash of fun and creativity to your destination wedding with a captivating photobooth. You can do this by setting up a dedicated area at your venue. Fill this area with an array of props, costumes, and themed backdrops that reflect the essence of your destination.

Encourage your guests to unleash their inner models and strike poses, capturing unforgettable moments that will be cherished for years to come. To take it up a notch, you should hire a professional photographer so that all your guests receive high-quality photographs. In this way, your guests can take personalised mementos from your special day.

All these ideas will help you make your destination wedding a memorable one. However, the most important thing you should do before opting for these ideas is to have the best wedding destinations in the world. And when it comes to choosing a destination, make sure it matches your vision and, most importantly, your budget.

So if you want to know about affordable destination wedding locations, you are at the right place.

How to Find Unique Places for Destination Weddings in Australia in 2023?

Australia is known for its stunning landscapes, and if you’re looking for free wedding venues in NSW, you’re in for a treat. There are plenty of options from which you can choose unique places for destination weddings in Australia. These include beaches in Byron Bay, The Royal National Park near Sydney, the Sydney Opera House forecourt, etc. So before you choose a venue, research and visit it beforehand to prevent any regrets later on.

Keep your budget in mind!

As mentioned earlier, you should consider always the destination wedding cost. However, spending money on a destination wedding doesn’t really mean that you will have to break the bank. To make the process affordable, you can select free venues, as mentioned earlier, to save costs.

Another thing you can do is to book a photographer well in advance, which will help you save a considerable amount of money. However, you should not opt for a photographer simply because they offer you a cheap package. This is because spending money on inexperienced wedding videography will mean that you will not get to capture your big day perfectly. So don’t forget to book your wedding photographer and videographer in advance!

If you are searching for an affordable and experienced Brisbane wedding photographer who delivers high-quality results, you are at the right place. Call us today at 07 3085 7483, and you will never have to waste time browning for a ‘good photographer near me’!