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Boasting almost all 300 days of sunshine every year, Brisbane lives up to the saying – “beautiful one day, perfect the next”. Brisbane’s warm weather ensures you and your partner can decide to tie the knot at almost any time of the year. Besides, who wouldn’t want to plan their wedding ceremony featuring a spectacular sunny backdrop?


From picturesque outdoor locations or a stylish indoor wedding, you can find the perfect wedding venue almost anywhere in Brisbane. Brisbane has a wide variety of magnificent photography locations that suit your unique wedding style and overall vision. Whether you opt for archaic architecture or city streets, or lush gardens, all locations in Brisbane are geographically close together, making it convenient for you to travel between multiple places for a variety of wedding photoshoots.


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Why Should You Consider Wedding Photography/Videography in Brisbane?

  • Brisbane is well-known as a picturesque city in Australia. The stunning sunrises and sunsets, along with Brisbane’s consistent climate, ensure you have wedding portraits and shots that look spectacular. There are plenty of unique spots in Brisbane, especially for wedding photoshoots and videography – from beautiful historical buildings to stunning parks and gardens.

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6 Best Places in Brisbane For Wedding Photography/Videography

Here are some of the most iconic sites for wedding photos in Brisbane:

  1. Botanic Gardens
  • Botanic Gardens is considered Brisbane’s premier subtropical garden. It features many iconic backdrops for wedding photos – a Japanese garden, exotic rainforest, temperate grassland, and more.
  1. The Brisbane Powerhouse
  • Located on the northern banks of the Brisbane River, The Brisbane Powerhouse is an art and culture hub; perfect for having wedding photoshoots. Most wedding photographers and videographers in Brisbane consider this place as the best wedding shoot destination. If you want to avoid having traditional wedding nature shots, Powerhouse is the perfect place for providing an edgy and urban feel to your wedding shoot.
  1. Old Government House
  • The Old Government House is the epitome of charm and elegance. Located on the grounds of the Queensland University of Technology, this building is popular among couples seeking ancient architectural style wedding shoots. The industrial red brick walls of this building serve as an incredible backdrop for wedding photoshoots. With stunning chandeliers and spiral staircases, your wedding shoot will be no less than a fairy tale.
  1. Kangaroo Point
  • Located right across the Brisbane River, Kangaroo Point is a popular wedding photography location by many photographers. With a spectacular city view and the iconic Story Bridge, this epic site will ensure you get the right shots for your wedding album. Kangaroo Point is perfect for those who want to capture the city skyline in their wedding photoshoot.
  1. Eagle Farm Racecourse
  • Eagle Farm Racecourse is a heritage-listed horse racing venue in Brisbane, perfect for those seeking a classic wedding shoot. The established premier racecourse is accessible and often used as a private wedding photography location (only seven kilometres from the Brisbane CBD).
  1. New Farm Park
  • With a gorgeous park setting and display of beautiful roses, New Farm Park is a perfect location for future newlyweds seeking elegant wedding shoots. There are some incredible spots you could use for your wedding shoot, especially the park boundaries which are lined with beautiful Jacarandas – a tropical flower.

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Are you looking for wedding videography in Sunshine Coast?

Check out these 4 tips on how to pick the best wedding videographer for your special day!

If you are reading this blog, that means you and your betrothed are on board to start a new and exciting journey. You both might also be looking forward to considering wedding videography in Sunshine Coast for your once-in-a-lifetime day and that’s the right choice! Wedding videography can help capture all the beautiful moments and “behind the scene” of your special day. A wedding videographer will film your wedding throughout the day and also capture images during your ceremony and reception.

There are more than thousands of wedding videographers on the Sunshine Coast, so how to pick the right one for your wedding?

In this blog, we have shared the top six tips on finding and choosing the right wedding videographer for your special day.

1. Choose a Professional 

  • A wedding is one of the most remarkable and special journeys for any engaged couple. A bride will have lots of expectations with her wedding and she would want things to go accordingly.
  • One of the best ways to capture every single detail of your wedding is by opting for a wedding videographer.
  • Choosing a professional wedding videographer will ensure that you will get all the details of your special day completely wrapped up in one video – a wedding video that you can treasure for the rest of your life.

Besides, a professional wedding videographer will act reliable, respectful, and competent throughout your special day.

2. Understand what your budget

  • Not every couple has the same budget for their wedding. Therefore, it is essential to consider your budget before hiring a wedding videographer for your special day.
  • Generally, wedding videography packages range from anywhere between $1K and $15K or sometimes even more.
  • Most wedding videographers often charge their service rates based on the amount of time they provided their professional assistance in a wedding. While others provide pre-established packages which include additional wedding videography services like same-day edit or extra videographer, etc.

Finalize what sort of video services you want for your wedding and lock your budget based on the same.

3. Choose one who is equipped for your wedding venue

  • Sometimes you may find the right videographer for your wedding but they might not be available to shoot at your wedding venue. Therefore, it is ideal to confirm with the wedding videographer whether they are comfortable shooting in your wedding setting or not.
  • You can even request for their sample wedding video or show them how you want your potential wedding video to look at your venue and take their confirmation by shooting a wedding film under such circumstances.

4. Hire a company that understands your style

  • If you have already shortlisted a few wedding videographers for your special day, make sure you watch each of their sample videos.
  • Every wedding videographer will have different types of styles to film the video. Some films will have wedding preparations, while some scenes will include the special bride and groom moments.
  • Some may only have emotional music playing in the background, while some will include the exchange of vows between couples, family speeches, and toasts.
  • In most cases, wedding videographers also feature interviews with the bride and groom that are filmed on the wedding day or in advance.
  • Decide which style will suit your wedding and your venue. Also, be specific about your wedding video requirement with your videographer.

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