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The Most Popular Wedding Photography Styles Explained

The Most Popular Wedding Photography Styles Explained

Wedding photography captures the love, joy and emotions of a couple’s special day in ways that will be treasured for years to come. From the thoughtfully chosen decorations that provide insight into the couple’s unique style to the beautiful wedding dress the bride wears, these details will be carefully preserved by photographs. So when it comes to wedding photography styles, why should you settle for anything less than the best? 

Ensuring that you’ve searched through sophisticated wedding photography styles in Toowoomba before hiring a professional Gold Coast wedding photographer can help you find a photographer whose skills align best with your vision.

Once you can envision how you want to capture your special day, only then will you be able to communicate your expectations to your photographer. If your wedding is approaching soon and you’re searching for talented professionals who deliver wedding photography in Brisbane, then this blog is a must-read. 

Below we have compiled a list of different photography styles, including both popular and often overlooked styles that client chooses for their wedding.

1.Traditional Photography

This is one of the most popular wedding photography styles among couples. Simple and straightforward, traditional photography works with natural light and in-the-moment compositions.

Traditional wedding photography is the way to go if you’re searching for something simple, conventional, and classic.

2. Candid Photography

Candid wedding photography is an excellent way to capture those special moments that are often overlooked during the craziness of the big day. It involves taking photos in situations where couples aren’t posed or aware of being photographed, allowing the photographer to capture unique images of beautiful and umprompted emotions between the bride and groom.

If you consider yourself and your partner to be people that enjoy living in the moment and want to capture those tiny details, then don’t miss out on candid photography. This is the best way to fill your wedding album with unseen and heartfelt shots.

3. Editorial Photography

If candid is on one end, editorial photography is on the other. Candid photography focuses on capturing real-life events without posing, whereas editorial photography concentrates on subjects holding poses that are more akin to those used in magazines or professional photography. This style is still not widely used by couples, but is rising in the industry.

This might be a great look to explore if you and your partner feel passionately about taking photos where you look your best. You can experiment with editorial photography for pre-wedding photo sessions or family and friend portraits.

4. Aerial or drone photography

Without a doubt, drone photography adds a creative and unique flair to everyday photography. However, this style cannot be used for your entire wedding ceremony, unless your reception is taking place outdoors. Many employ drone photography as an additional photography service if couples are looking for cool photos. We encourage you to ask your photographer if they offer aerial photography.

Also, make sure to check their previous work with wedding aerial photography.

5. Fine Arts

Modern wedding photography has greatly evolved over the years, combining elements of fine art, film, and digital technology. The most distinctive characteristics of this style are light, airy, and cheerful aesthetics. Compared to standard digital images, this style has significantly softer hues and delicate details.

This is the most suitable option for you and your partner if you want a light and airy look for your wedding album.

6. Dark & Moody

Compared to fine arts, this style is different. This design is appropriate for you and your spouse if you both prefer warmer, more desaturated tones.

A skilled photographer can add a more quirky and edgy perspective to your wedding photography. This approach is becoming increasingly popular as its aesthetic is becoming well-recognised on Pinterest. This style is typically great for outdoor photography.

When you’re searching for a style that best reflects your personality as a couple, don’t forget to choose a wedding photographer who is experienced and demonstrative of this style in their portfolio. Having said that, Your Day Videography is the appropriate choice if you’re looking for skilled and knowledgeable photographers who know what they’re doing. For professional wedding photography in Toowomba, call us at 07 3085 7483 or email us at hello@yourdayvideography.com.au.