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Everything You Need to Know About Drone Photography and Videography

Have you seen those breathtaking beautiful wedding photographs or videos that include stunning overhead shots of the venue? These aerial shots and videos are possible due to drone wedding videography or photography. Drones can capture every intricate detail of your wedding day and present them in the best possible way. A drone can fly autonomously without any human support. Most individuals consider drone videography of stunning shots and beautiful wedding videos in Brisbane.

Decades ago, wedding videography and photography were all about using DSLRs, high cranes, and jib cameras to capture aerial wedding shots. However, thanks to technological advancement, couples are now choosing drone videography and/or photography to instill a personal touch to their emotional event. They can successfully capture every precious moment of your wedding day with a unique flair. The popular demand and unique features make drones a must-have in all wedding shoots.

What Is Drone Photography/Videography?

Drone photography and videography involve using a drone. This unmanned flying device allows you to capture stunning aerial shots from the ground. Through drone photography and videography, you and your partner can witness your wedding day especially. Each unique shot captured allows you to live a cinematic experience of your special day. 

Why Choose Drone Wedding Photography/Videography?

The moving images that this high-tech filming equipment can capture are breathtaking and immediately catch the attention of the viewer. Be it pre-wedding shoots or wedding films, nothing can beat the drone’s ability to capture creative and stunning shots.

Here are a few reasons to choose drone photography or videography for your once-in-a-lifetime day.

  • A drone can capture the extravagance and ambiance of the ceremony most uniquely with exceptional elaborated angles.
  • With drones, you can capture and create a stunning panorama of your wedding ceremony. 
  • Drone focuses on all the extra elements incredibly and ensures complete coverage of your wedding video.
  • The camera on-air is enough to add a statement and instill a cinematic touch to your special day.
  • Drones allow you to capture overhead aerial shots of your wedding venue.


4 Essential Things to Know About Drone Photography/Videography

Before you consider drone photography or videography for your wedding, here are a few critical factors that you should know.

1. Always Hire a Professional

To make the most of this high-tech filming equipment and obtain high-quality wedding shots, you should consider hiring a professional. Drone photographers or videographers should have valid certification and insurance to fly this unmanned flying device for wedding ceremonies. Although drones are safe to operate, you may still want to ensure all the factors are covered.

2. Drones are Noisy

Although the idea of capturing the “I do” moment from above with a drone sounds amazing, you should know that these high-tech camera devices can produce a loud humming sound, which can bring an unpleasant experience. However, the latest drone models are much quieter because of the advanced propeller technology. You can always discuss your wedding plans with the photographer/videographer to avoid such buzzing interference on the wedding day.

3. Require Venue Permission

Some wedding venues require permission to use a drone. Therefore, ask your wedding photographer/videographer to perform pre-checks on your wedding location and ensure there are no airspace restrictions on the wedding premises. Additionally, they must inform you whether the drone can be legally used at the venue.

4. Weather Conditions 

Most wedding videographers in Brisbane avoid operating drones during extreme weather conditions due to safety risks. You should keep an eye on the weather conditions before shooting to manage your expectations. Accept the decision of your wedding videographer if they say the conditions are not suitable or safe. 

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