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A Complete Guide to Taking Family Photos at Your Wedding

It is almost a given that the newlyweds will be at the center of attention for all photos during their wedding, but it’s important to remember many other people deserve recognition too. Friends and family members have been an integral part of helping them get where they are today so why not include them? These photographs can capture beautiful memories that will last years thanks go well with your video or freeze-frame stills later down in life. 

Wedding photos can get complicated. Everyone invited to the ceremony is special and choosing who needs to be photographed can be difficult, especially if you have a big family. Scheduling a photo shoot can be stressful with a time crunch but there are other ways to make sure that you have a memory of most people on your wedding day. If you’re looking for companies that provide wedding photography in Brisbane, get in touch with us at Your Day Videography and receive a quote for your package.

Sometimes, it can be hard to choose who needs a photo at your wedding. You want the best for everyone but there just isn’t enough time. We recommend scheduling photoshoots ahead of time so that all involved get their fair share in one concentrated effort – whether they’re close friends or cousins on both sides with big families waiting patiently behind them. To help make this process go as smoothly as possible, get in touch with a company that provides wedding photography in Brisbane like Your Day Videography and receive a quote for your package.

Your Day Videography’s diverse group of wedding photographers in Brisbane specialise in providing high-quality wedding photos and videos to help make your day special. We, at Your Day Photography, work with quality equipment to capture the best memories on your big day.

1. Let’s discuss a few wedding photoshoot tips:

  • Focus On VIPs
    There are a bunch of people that stand out from the rest. For example, your grandparents, your parents, your siblings, or someone who has helped raise you and is very close to your heart. Since you will not have a lot of time, it is best to establish a list of people you can start with and get done with the VIPs.
  • Additions To The Family
    If you have divorced or remarried parents, a big question mark might entail about how to plan the right frame. Your biological parents are your priority so get everyone in the frame, your parents, your siblings, and just go for it. You can later have your stepmother/stepfather join the family for some clicks.
  • Send a List To Your Photographer
    The best way to avoid any confusion and waste time is to prepare a list of family groups beforehand and hand them over to your photographer. This helps you save time, have everyone in one place, and quickly get all the photos you may need. The best part is that everybody is involved and nobody will feel left out.
  • Call A Friend
    Wedding nerves are real and so scary to deal with. Having a friend organise all of this will help calm your nerves and curb that panic attack. Don’t be afraid to call up a friend who can help you do this without any hassle.

2. Must-Have Wedding Photos:

  • Classic – Photos of everyone posing with the couple. Parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, friends, and family acquaintances.
  • During Prep – These photos are very important as they capture the spirit of the wedding with everything getting prepared for the big day. Photos of flowers getting arranged, table setups, etc.
  • Candid Moments – Candid photos on your wedding day are underrated. A mother helping the bride fix her dress and hair, a father seeing her daughter as a bride for the first time, the audience’s reaction to the bride’s entrance, and the groom’s expression as the bride walks down the aisle. These photos are magic.

At Your Day Videography, our photographers are driven to capture those moments that you will look back at for years to come, shared with generations that will live. We don’t treat these special days as just work, we are honoured to be a part of your big day and have the opportunity to create some magic in your life. If you’re looking for a Gold Coast wedding photographer or a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, Your Day Videography would be ecstatic to assist you!